Types of Content That Help You Build Loyalty

To build customer loyalty, it is essential to focus on earning their trust and establishing relationships that last over time, and in both objectives, the role played by content marketing is highly relevant.

There are different types of content that help you retain customers. Through this type of strategy, through five content models, brands and professionals, using this alliance of loyalty, obtain a greater amount of benefits.

 1) Videos

Videos are the most useful medium for conveying information accurately and quickly. Its ability to provoke emotions in people helps in the development of marketing for customer loyalty.

However, for a video to be successful as a marketing tool and help you rank well in search engines, it needs to be part of a well-structured plan based on the goals you want to achieve.

For this, there are some aspects that must be considered in the preparation of videos for content marketing:

  • Clearly define your goals.
  • Establish the segment to which it is directed.
  • Edit the appropriate duration.
  • Include emotional aspects.
  • Promote in the user the execution of certain actions.

 2) Questionnaires

Personalized content is a point that attracts many users and a clear example of this is the questionnaires.

The most widely used questionnaire model surveys which consist of a series of questions about customer satisfaction in order to determine where their loyalty is going.

To obtain the best results, it is convenient to follow certain recommendations regarding the questions to ask:

  • Simple questions should be asked.
  • Each question should find out only one aspect.
  • Be creative in crafting your questions.
  • Know what generates customer loyalty.

Through customer surveys, we can better understand their interests and goals, as well as their likes and dislikes. With this information it is possible, among many other things, to make adjustments to the products or services and more effectively meet the expectations of customers and users.

 3) Ebooks and visual reports

Ebooks and visual reports are widely used to get users to provide certain personal information in exchange for the possibility of downloading the content of interest to them.

However, they are also a very useful element in the task of achieving audience loyalty.

By means of ebooks and reports, you have an excellent method to share your experience through the provision of data and strategies, as well as to solve problems of potential clients. 

To make the content of your ebook and reports more attractive and easier to understand, be sure to include a lot of visual elements, such as illustrations and graphics.

4) Interactive calculators

Online calculators are interactive tools that are very useful and widely used by users, especially for their ability to obtain data with considerable precision.

Depending on the commercial sector you work in, the use that you can give to budget simulators is very varied since it can be said that any aspect that can be calculated will have an adequate response with this type of interactive content.

The most popular simulators are found in the area of ​​health, as is the case with calculators that estimate weeks of gestation or body weights and fat percentages, among many other options.

5) Campaigns

User loyalty is not an aspect of marketing that can be achieved all at once and uses only one piece of content. It is a relationship that must be maintained for a considerable period of time and that is achieved progressively.

There are many cases in which a good shopping experience has been lost due to poor management during the returns process or in after-sales service. With a good SEO San Diego expert, you will know the perfect way to win over your clients with relevant content.

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