Music Producer Studio - Free photo on PixabayWe offer you a complete production of your projects, from the pre-production phase to mastering. This is often the best way to obtain a quality result because we control all the creative stages.

Today there are more and more self-productions and budgets are increasingly tight. Also, although our work is always carried out without any compromise, we have set up flexible pricing to adapt to most projects.

Whether for mixing, mastering, sound recording, re-amping, or editing, we will find a solution that will meet your needs and your budget. Do not hesitate to contact us!


Microphone Audio Computer Sound - Free photo on PixabayBy coming to the studio you will record in a professional setting with carefully selected high-end equipment and studied acoustics. We use Pro Tools | HD Accel for optimal comfort, without any latency. You will have the possibility to record instrument by instrument or in live conditions to keep the group energy!

You can also very well record only certain elements in our studio such as drums or vocals and then finalize your project yourself or in the studio of your choice. In all cases, we will bring the same sense of detail and work with the same rigor.


Mixing Console Hands Sound - Free photo on PixabayA good mix will give a new dimension to your tracks by getting the most out of your sound recordings.

It’s not just about mixing tracks here, it’s both a technical and creative process that when done right will make your tracks sound professional. By entrusting us with your mixes you will have a new perspective on your compositions which is essential, especially if you are self-producing.

Of course, the quality of the takes is decisive to obtain a quality mix. However, it is often possible to obtain surprising results from sound recordings that are far from perfect.

If you prefer to do your own shots but the result is not completely satisfactory, we suggest that you make the necessary corrections in terms of rhythm or accuracy. This is a tailor-made job, do not hesitate to contact us to discuss it. In the case of a complete production, the editing and correction work will then be included in the price we will offer you!


File:Master+ studio2.jpg - Wikimedia CommonsMastering is an essential step that should not be overlooked in order to get the most out of your mixes and optimize them without distorting them. This is not an optional step if you want to complete your projects. This is a delicate step that can make or break a production.

Our know-how in this area will allow your productions to sound as they should while respecting the work done upstream.


File:Fender DeVille reamping.jpg - Wikimedia CommonsRecording guitars is one of our specialties, nothing sounds better than a tube amp played at full power! Our reamping services allow you to get the sound you need effortlessly.

All you have to do is send us your live-recorded takes and we’ll take care of the rest. We have access to the best references on the market!