2 Apr 2012

DRO & LODZY are back! This is their second single on Absolut Freak, the follow up to the successful "Not Yet Now" with the remixes by Dilemn and Gooseflesh.
After the guys reworked Play Paul's Ryskee project (alongside Bloody Beetroots), Autodidakt or NROTB on Coco Machete, they now return with a new massive track called "Paradis Artificieux".
Huge remixes by Malente & Slap in The Bass teaming up under the alias BASHED OUT, HOSTAGE and KLIPAR get pressed on vinyl.
Digitally there's additional great remixes by LARS MOSTON, CHRIS DE LUCA (ex Funkstörung) and the Portuguese producer BIZT who won the remix contest.

Feedbacks :
- MODEK: Great release! Klipar remix has an awesome vibe!
- AUTODIDAKT: Original and Hostage remix for me! Great stuff!!!
- ANIKI: Original is keewl! Will test it out!
- MARKUS LANGE: Really hard to decide... I love the hole release =)
- DANIEL DEXTER: Support for my bro Dro!
- COSTELLO: Lars Moston remix!
- DJ MANAIA: Will support for sure
- ILL SAINT M: Great EP!
- GEOMETRY: Gonna destroy dancefloors for sure! Big support
- BOXON RECORDS: Cool EP, thank you!
- BLAZE TRIPP: Such a sick release. Original + Hostage, Bashed Out remixes are all tiggggggggggght
- TEENAGE MUTANTS: Good stuff!
- THE DAMN BELL DOORS: Remixes from Hostage and Klipar are great!
- HANUMAN TRIBE: Nice vibes in the Klipar remix
- X-ETTL: Original! Nice techno flow!
- KOMMANDER KEEN: Remixes from Hostage and Klipar are great!
- SIRKRIS: The original sounds really good, but it's great to hear these new Lars Moston & Hostage remixes!
- FAITES LEUR LA DANSE: This is really what I like to play! Original and Bashed Out remix will explode the dancefloors. Thanks a lot for this promo
- DEE ASS: The original is my favorite
- 3 IS A CROWD: Amazing pack. Love love love the Bashed Out remix, good ideas from Chris de Luca and BIZT too. Big up!
- ATTACK 1985: Original is the one for me! Love the bass
- ULYSSES: I like the arabic "world music" vibe of the BIZT remix. Chris de Luca is my other favorite
- HIROKI ESASHIKA: Original mix is good!! I like the synth melo, fantasy sound! The bassline is also nice. Powerfull!!
- FAN ERHALDER: Nice production, i dig the original. Bashed Out remix is nice too. Thx!
- VECHO: Yes mate that original mix is totally my style. Cool to see Hostage again, long time no see :) That Klipar remix is nice as well
- DIAMOND BASS: Bom release!!!
- DARE2DISCO: Hostage remix on my dare2disco sets and Lars Moston remix on my mould sets. Nice EP altogether!
- SERGIO GOMES (Breaks Lda.): Solid package!!!
- ELECTRO JUNKIE: It's the first tune I've heard from Dro & Lodzy and I'm already loving them! Also enjoyed the BIZT and Klipar remixes, these guys are doing a great job representing Portugal!

Listen "Paradis Artificieux" in Sounds section

31 Oct 2011

After various works on eminent labels such as Coco Machete ("Radio Freak", incl. Bert On Beats remix), Boxon Records ("Rock Star" with Gooseflesh) and soon on Markus Lange's Platten Pussy Records ("Higher State Of Grace" with Play Paul), FREDERIC DE CARVALHO is back in his own house Absolut Freak Records with "Computer Freak EP", a straight electro project where beats meet bleeps.
Devoted to the development of his label by passion for music, he comes this time with a personal release where he invites talented producers, friends and idols.
On "Snails", he meets again his old friend Slapstick (after great common works such as the electro classic "You Can't Stay Right Here") and Ulysses from NewYork (part of Neurotic Drum Band with John Selway) on vocals, for a pure electro ride. The disco legend DAVID CARRETTA (author of all-time classics on International Deejay Gigolo) offers a great remix in his own unique style. Hot off his remix on AF21, the Swedish dandy from Bpitch Control TOMAS ANDERSSON also gives a strong version with raw sound and sweat. After that, the Portuguese producer XINOBI proposes a wonderful interpretation of the song "Albufeira", with rich elements and a classy melody.
The next track to get a remix treatment is "The Underground". The original mix takes you on an electric journey with furious SidStation sounds and vocals by Fred, inspired by Celeda's house classic. Then, the German band BREAKFASTKLUB gives a club monster with killing breaks, the sensation from South of France ILL SAINT M (Freakz Me Out) follows up with a beautiful version with martial pads and vocoding work, KOMMANDER KEEN strikes again with a massive powerful sound as usual (after his remix on the AF24), before we finish the package with a remix by the French rocker TOBY SCREAMER who won the remix contest and released his first EP "It Sounds Like" on Absolut Freak (AF23).

Feedbacks :
- STEREOHEROES: Super nice EP. The remixes are all really good, with a preference for Xinobi. Bravo
- MUSTARD PIMP: David Carretta!
- GTRONIC: Love the old electro pop analog sound
- DJEDJOTRONIC: Tomas Andersson remix for me!
- MODEK: HUGE all the way!
- COSTELLO: Tomas Andersson remix, nice one
- POLYMORPHIC: Amazing "Snails" original mix!!! I will be play it!! And "Albufeira (Xinobi Remix)" for my soul!
- ZERO CASH: It's easier to say what I don't like. First six songs are great
- CHEWY CHOCOLATE COOKIES: David Carretta remix is the one for CCC set, thanks
- MAXIME DANGLES: Great EP! Great remixes! Full support!
- JOHN LORD FONDA: Love the David Carretta remix!
- SAMI WENTZ: Support ;)
- SAINT PAULI: I like Xinobi remix and "The Underground" original mix. Thanks for that
- AEROTRONIC: Whoa, that Tomas Andersson remix rocks. Great original and David Carretta remix too
- MAKO RECORDS: Yeah! I love "Snails" and Kommander Keen remix! Huge stuff!
- ELECTRIC SOULSIDE: Nice package, big support!
- LATOURETTE: David Carretta and Breakfastklub remixes are huge!
- THE DAMN BELL DOORS: Amazing huge EP! Absolut Freak did it again! Awesome originals and remixes
- FRANZ & SHAPE: Love the original and David Carretta remix!
- DOPEFISH: Really like the original mix of "The Undeground"
- BLENDE: Two really good original tracks along with some equally good remixes (Xinobi and Breakfastklub), amazing package altogether!
- TEENAGE MUTANTS: Xinobi remix is cool!
- HANUMAN TRIBE: Kommander Keen comes heavy!
- BEAT & BANG: Breakfastklub nailed it!
- SERGIO GOMES (Breaks Lda.): Some nice heavy remixes inside
- ELECTRO JUNKIE: David Carretta remix takes me back to the 'electroclash' era, great remix! Also great work by Breakfastklub, awesome banger!
- SIRKRIS: I love the David Carretta remix! Nice EP
- ZERO GRAVITY: David Carretta remix is cool!
- TONI TRESS (Twin Town): Kommander Keen runs riot! Will play it for sure!!!
- S-FILE: David Carretta and Xinobi are the mixes for me. Will play it for sure

Buy it : Beatport, iTunes, JunoDownload, DJDownload

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18 Jul 2011

Absolut Freak Records welcomes back the prolific german superhero MARKUS LANGE, after his fantastic remix with Popmuschi on the AF23.
Well-known for his numerous works on some of the greatest labels of the decade, such as Craft Music, Freakz Me Out, Southern Fried, Coco Machete, Television Rocks, Whirlpoolsex Music, Klang Gymnastik, Pocketgame or recently on Will Bailey's Simma Records, he runs again with that crazy "You Got The Body Baby" featuring ELECTRO FERRIS (part of Deichkind).
We also find 5 remixes by our Turkish friends GOOSEFLESH (back after having appeared in the AF13 and AF16) with a fat version in their own style, the Russian wonderkids THE DAMN BELL DOORS with an awesome dancefloor killer, ZERO GRAVITY who make it bump in a club monster, KOMMANDER KEEN with a powerful noisy rework and MR. WONK with his green mask who gives a fresh party sound.

Feedbacks :
- FAR TOO LOUD: It's fat! Nice one dude
- SHARAM JEY: Support Mr. Wonk remix
- SHAMEBOY: Really chawy release, but good chawy ;) Really like the original and Zero Gravity remix. The Damn Bell Doors is witty too!
- AUTODIDAKT: The Damn Bell Doors and Gooseflesh remixes are nice!!
- DOOZE JACKERS: Woaaa the Zero Gravity remix is BIG!!!!!!! Going in our set for sure!!
- ANIKI: Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaave!!! Thanks my German sweetheart! Tune is hot! Will drop it at the Norwegian festival on saturday :-)
- PRO7: The original and Gooseflesh remix are great
- TEENAGE MUTANTS: Zero Gravity remix rocks!
- FUTUREFLASHS / KIEZ BEATS: Massive release!
- HANUMAN TRIBE: Mr Woooooooooooooooonk for us! Kommander Keen remix also bangin. Double support!
- BEAT & BANG: Woaw I really dig this EP! The original is big, The Damn Bell Doors remix is dope!
- MR. MAGNETIK: Great release man! I love the original and the The Damn Bell Doors remix is cool too :)
- SLAMINA: The whole EP is amazing! Woaaaaa!
- HELLEN KELLER DISCO SQUAD: Banging EP for this summer time! HKDS full support!
- TRISTY NESH: I like the original, totally fresh and crazy
- FAN ERHALDER: Damn that shit rocks! Love it
- SLAPSTICK: That Mr. Wonk is a real KILLER
- DATRAXER: The original mix is in the bear's pack! :)

Listen "You Got The Body Baby" in Sounds section

27 Jun 2011

The French producer TOBY SCREAMER presents "It Sounds Like", an EP of 4 strong electro tracks with pop, rock & funk influences.
The title track is an electro-pop hit with glam vocals by Faustine Berardo. Then, the crazy rock song "Morning Crash" will make you jump with its irresistible guitar riff. ToBy shows his dancefloor skills with the electro monster "Yeah For It". At last, he brings some funk with the fat fresh tune "French Psycho".
The prolific superhero MARKUS LANGE (just signed on Absolut Freak) with POPMUSCHI offer a fantastic sexy & groovy version of "It Sounds Like". Then, the German wunderband SAINT PAULI give a terrific remix totally freaky! Don't pass on it!

Feedbacks :
- MOONBOOTICA: Saint Pauli remix is awesome. I like it!
- DAVID CARRETTA: Great release, I like Markus Lange & Popmuschi remix!!
- SHARAM JEY: Saint Pauli remix for me
- SONO: Nice remix by Saint Pauli, will play it in our radio show
- SAMI WENTZ: Thanks for the promo, I appreciate. Support
- DISCO TRASH MUSIC: Nice release! Will play Saint Pauli remix
- PRO7: The "French Psycho" is funky.. Love it
- AIRNADETTE: Heavy beats for the dancefloors! Already in my playlist
- SAWGOOD: Cool shit!!!
- FUTUREFLASHS / KIEZ BEATS: Love the original of "It Sounds Like" and especially the Saint Pauli remix! Just great!
- THE DAMN BELL DOORS: Awesome EP! Full of great tracks and remixes, full support
- BEEF THEATRE: Saint Pauli remix of "It Sounds Like" is cool!!! Original track is pretty sexy as well ^^
- HANUMAN TRIBE: Cool vocals! Markus Lange & Popmuschi and Saint Pauli remixes for us
- KICK-OH: WOW, awesome EP love both track the Markus Lange & Popmuschi remix is ma weapon Big UP
- BLASTER: Saint Pauli remix is really good :) I'll play it
- KISBEAT! & CHEMICAL: We really like the Saint Pauli remix
- MY FAUST (Marine Parade): Fuckin awesome dude! Congratulations! Very good work!
- RACONTAGE: Huge production. The originals smell sweat and dusty. Great work ToBy
- AMEN BIRDMEN: Special mention for "Yeah For It" and "French Psycho", even if I like the 2 first... Slamming bass and beat!
- DRO & LODZY: "It Sounds Like" funky!!!
- OMNI: Tight rocking sounds. Very original and refreshing!
- ALICE & THE SERIAL NUMBERS: Will play Saint Pauli remix. I like it, thanks!
- HO-JU RECORDS: Saint Pauli for the clubs... but the Markus Lange & Popmuschi remix makes me moist!!! Love love love it!!!! :)

Mastered by Nilz / The Exchange
Listen "It Sounds Like" in Sounds section

23 May 2011

The Croatian wonderboy TRISTY NESH is back on Absolut Freak Records, with the famous elektro frau XENIA BELIAYEVA.
They had already met on the "Little Hip Molecular EP" (AF05), with a successful remix by Beliayeva. Now they come together with "Acting Sane", a sweet electro excursion through dusty fields.
JOHN LORD FONDA, the French sensation from Vitalic's label Citizen Records, is also back on Absolut Freak after having done the very first remix on AF01. This time, he gives a new huge remix, with even more melancholy and an amazing break. Just brilliant!
Then, the Latvian producer MAX BRANNSLOKKER (author of some masterpieces such as the incredible "Lust" on Salto Recordings, or "Transition" on Boxon Records) delivers a great funky-beat version with his special jazzy vibe.
Back side, NICOLAS CHENARD comes again with a powerful techno sound on a smashing remix.
At last, Tristy Nesh offers a new demonstration of his unique dirty loud sound with "Turkish Bass", a dancefloor killer with no concession.

Vinyl lovers can enjoy the artwork by Falk Klemm from The Zonders with a pantone color on the cover.

Feedbacks :
- DONOVANS: Nice EP, John Lord Fonda remix is great!
- DA FRESH: Nice track!
- BOXON RECORDS: Techno revival! Quality remix from our fabulous Nicolas Chenard. Thanks
- COSTELLO: Nicolas Chenard Remix! Sounds amazing
- AEROTRONIC: Good originals and remixes on this EP, the John Lord Fonda remix is for our playlist
- HANUMAN TRIBE: Yap, that’s great fun! Some serious 80's synthpowaaa in here!
- TEENAGE MUTANTS: Good stuff!
- HIROKI ESASHIKA: "Turkish Bass" is cool electro funk!! I love Absolut music!
- VEKTORKAT: In love with the version by John Lord Fonda!
- DRO (Dro & Lodzy): Chenard is a killer!
- OMNI: Great release overall. The John Lord Fonda remix will go straight into my DJ sets

Distributed by Topplers
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23 May 2011


25 Oct 2010

After 5 years of vinyl activism, ABSOLUT FREAK RECORDS now counts among the main labels defending an electro sound with no concession.
Today, all of the protagonists who took part in this successful adventure are brought together on a CD compilation mixed by the label founder, FREDERIC DE CARVALHO. We can find the best of the 12 first releases, with the French sensations Popof and Nicolas Chenard, the English "rave veteran" Adam Sky (author of the planetary hit "Killer" featuring Seal), the Japanese Hiroki Esashika (immortalized with his hits on Carl Cox's label Intec Records), the Croatian wonderboy Tristy Nesh, and remixes from John Dahlbäck, Zoo Brazil, Xenia Beliayeva, John Lord Fonda, Lady B, Electroluxe Family...

Buy it : Topplers, Amazon, Juno, Decks, Deejay

20 Sep 2010

For its 20th release, Absolut Freak Records is proud to present the much expected "From Outer Space" by NICOLAS CHENARD.
Known with "Thriller Express" and its remix by John Lord Fonda in 2006, the first signed artist of the label is back with a magical project and a very special artwork made by The Zonders.
The vinyl EP starts with "Parallelism", an ultimate tribute to the rave anthems, with its massive spacey disco loop and strings. Already a classic!
On "Do Not Educate", he rocks with his GameBoy and shows his taste for 8-bit synthesis.
Then, "The Path" reveals his singular melodic genius. The introduction takes you on a fantasy journey with hypnotic organ and flutes, before rolling an electro monster with killer pads.
Back side, the banger crew from South of France ELECTROLUXE FAMILY gives a monumental remix of "Parallelism", with a perfect shady introduction and a baroque concerto in the break.
At last, the stunning French band RACONTAGE offers a new demonstration of their amazing skills (after their EP on the AF18), with a huge remix of "Do Not Educate".

There's also a second part of the EP for digital only, with another superb track by Nicolas Chenard called "She's Calling", a trashy remix of "Do Not Educate" by the famous pet from Dim Mak SPA, a deeper version of "Parallelism" by the Swedish dandy from Bpitch Control TOMAS ANDERSSON and a beautiful spacey rework of "She's Calling" by JAUZAS THE SHINING vs KORPORATION.

Feedbacks :
- CYBERPUNKERS : "Parallelism" and "Do Not Educate (Racontage Remix)" always in our bags! 10/10
- DAVID CARRETTA : I like "Parallelism" and "She's Calling (Jauzas The Shining vs Korporation Remix)"... Strong release!!
- STEREOHEROES : Definitely some tracks we are going to try asap!!
- PLAY PAUL : Love "Parallelism", reminds me of the great Gigolo period! Great electro EP with nice remixes. Full support! (SPA's still crazy...) :)
- DONOVANS : "Parellelism" is an electroclash anthem. "The Path" good 90' rave vibes, stabs!
- SAINT PAULI : Great nu italo disco anthem! y.e.a.h.!!!
- DALCAN : Amazing EP! Love it!
- JOHN LORD FONDA : Will play "Parallelism" for its disco loops and electro/tech energy. Like the Thomas Andersson remix too. The remix of "She's Calling" is really cool as well
- DISCO TRASH MUSIC : Nice housy synth-electro! Support!
- COSTELLO : "She's Calling" is the one. Nice tune
- TOBY SCREAMER : Racontage always so explosive! Boom Clap Boom Clap... in your face!!!
- PRO7 : Still fan of Racontage's remixes
- UTKU S. : Cool EP!! Massive remix from Racontage
- MIKE MAGO : Smashing EP, love it. "Parallelism" og is my fav!
- FAN ERHALDER : A fantastic double EP, surprising and entertaining! Nicolas is a genius and he knows how to rock the house. All original tracks are awesome and have a something special on their own. These Racontage guys are bomb too. Rave on wayne!
- SHOCKERS (Citizen Records) : "The Path" fuckin' good old school breaks sounds, just love it! "Do Not Educate" great dancefloor track, will play it all night long
- ULYSSES : I like the Rave-y sounds of "The Path"
- HIROKI ESASHIKA : Electroluxe Family remix is my best... Crazy melody!
- VEKTORKAT : Electroluxe Family's remix is awesome!
- DRO (Dro & Lodzy) : It's a fucking BOMB! "Parallelism" and "She's Calling" came up among my top favorite tracks
- ALICE & THE SERIAL NUMBERS : Cool and funky beat, thanks!
- THE G (G Point Muzik) : "Do Not Educate" is my favorite, will play for sure. But all release is a club/festival banger
- 1001 : "Parallelism" is awesome! Supporting the Racontage remix as well
- BIT THIEF : Loving the breakdown in the Electroluxe Family remix of "Parallelism"

Mastered by TPH
Distributed by Topplers
Listen "From Outer Space" in Sounds section

5 Jul 2010

The time has come for DISCO TRASH MUSIC to rule the world!
The guys are back on Absolut Freak Records (after their famous remix of Play Paul on the AF16) with the summer hit "Bumper Cars" featuring the South African MC's SPOEK (well-known for his works with Djedjotronic, StereoHeroes, Evil Nine or Chris de Luca) and BIG SPACE on vocals.
The vinyl EP contains a massive remix by the French sensation JUST A BAND (aka Tom Deluxx & Romain Grenier), a tropical bass version by the rulers of the genre SCHLACHTHOFBRONX (winning success on Disko B and Man Recordings), an electrifying remix by the German wunderkind from Dim Mak DIRTY DISCO YOUTH and another powerful track by Disco Trash Music called "Let's Play Drinking Games".
There's also a tropical edit by DTM and a fidget house remix by the Californian producer BIT THIEF available in digital only.
Artwork by The Zonders

Feedbacks :
- STEVE AOKI : Very nice, the remixes are good as well
- CYBERPUNKERS : Support for sure, Just A Band (for radio shows) and Dirty Disco Youth (live performance). Tom and Phil never disappoint the expectations!
- MARKUS LANGE : Cool Release!!!
- STEREOHEROES : Great release, will try it asap
- MUSTARD PIMP : Good stuff, support
- XINOBI : I like the goofy feel of the Schachthofbronx remix. I'm sure I'll play this one in some good mooded parties
- EDU K : Wow dude! Pretty kool EP! n' I love the artwork, sooo kool!
- PRO7 : Good release, as always
- BOXON RECORDS : Really nice release. Electro, rap, club. Love the original and Dirty Disco Youth remix
- JOHN LORD FONDA : Original is for me! Sounds so 90'!!! I like the Just A Band remix too, good track for a fidget house set :)
- DALCAN : Bomb! Full support!
- AUTODIDAKT : Just A Band remix is huge!!!
- LADY B : Just A Band remix is my fav
- SHARKSLAYER (Sir Nenis) : Dope summer EP!
- LEFT/RIGHT : Another gritty smasher by DTM... Great remixes by Just A Band and Dirty Disco Youth
- ANIKI : Massive package! I'll play for sure!
- SAWGOOD : Let's Play Drinkingggg!! Ahaha it's simple and totaly awesome. We can see the big fat kick from Disco Trash Music, and their monster bass. I love it!
- ALICE & THE SERIAL NUMBERS : Intense and dirty: perfect, thanks!
- FUTUREFLASHS (Kiez Beats) : Full support for the whole release, the remixes from Just A Band and Dirty Disco Youth are banging me totally! 10/10
- DEM SLAKERS : Likin' the Just A Band remix!
- NOIZE GENERATION : Original and Just A Band remix are my awesome! Full Support!!
- SLAP IN THE BASS : Great EP! Like the Schlachthofbronx remix and "Let's Play Drinking Games". Schlachthofbronx remix is funnyyy! :)
- MAX BRANNSLOKKER : Perfect release!
- HIROKI ESASHIKA : "Let's Play Drinking Games" is my best electro track!!
- HO-JU RECORDS : Awesome package!!! Full Support... Especially the Dirty Disco Youth remix... BIG!!!
- SHOCKERS (Citizen Records) : Just A Band excellent remix, bravo!!
- DJ JEE : "Bumper Cars", pure old school house! Like it!
- 1001 : Full support for both original mixes! Great release!
- DARE2DISCO : DTM + Spoek + Big Space on one single track?? Wicked! Big fan from all of them and they proved me right once again. Top Notch. Also love Just A Band remix

Distributed by Topplers
Listen "Bumper Cars" in Sounds section

14 Jun 2010

For this new Absolut Freak release, the great revelation RACONTAGE meets the Californian hip-hop band THE 87 STICK UP KIDS for a fantastic crossover. The french duo brings its awesome technical skills with a massive break/electro sound on the west coast flow of the Kids. We also find on the EP a powerful solo track by Racontage called "Perfume Of", which should destroy the dancefloors with its irresistible melody, cuts & effects. Then, the rock band WAT - ex We Are Terrorists - (back on Absolut Freak after the success of "UU80") plug their guitars for a disco/trash version in their own style. At last, you'll discover the original version of "Stoops & Basements" by The 87 Stick Up Kids. A trashy remix of "Perfume Of" by the Portuguese producer ANDRE CONDE (known for his superb track "From Jupiter To The Moon" released on Boxon Records) is also available in digital only.
The spectacular artwork is the result of a third collaboration with The Zonders.

Feedbacks :
- PLAY PAUL : Love the "Stoops & Basements" by Racontage
- LADY B : I love "Perfume Of", I'll play
- BOXON RECORDS (Julien Minet aka DJ Cat) : Énorme. Top support. My favorites are "Stoops & Basements (frenchized by Racontage)" and "Perfume Of (WAT Remix)". Merci AF !
- TOM DELUXX (Just A Band) : Really good!
- HIROKI ESASHIKA : Big material!! "Perfume Of" is my best. Full support!!
- TOBY SCREAMER : Excellent, the label turns really huge, EP after EP. Great sounds and design... Very good job
- PRO7 : Really cool EP
- DISCO TRASH MUSIC : Cool! We like the WAT remix
- COSTELLO : A strong remix by WAT straight into the bag!!
- 1001 : Big big preference for WAT remix and "Stoops & Basements"!!!
- DATRAXER : The "disco'n roll" remix by WAT gets my vote!
- DARE2DISCO : Great EP with fresh sounds! My favorite is the Racontage version of "Stoops & Basements". I'll play them all :)

Distributed by Topplers
Listen "Stoops & Basements" in Sounds section

22 Mar 2010

The famous French band WAT (ex We Are Terrorists) is back on Absolut Freak Records with a 7 tracks EP called "UU80".
From rock ("But Myself / WE ARE ENFANT TERRIBLE Remix") to hip-hop ("International Autoradio" feat. CS Rucker) or trashy electro ("Autoradio / AYLAK Remix"), here's another successful demonstration of their skills!
The amazing artwork is still made by The Zonders.

Buy it :
Germany : Decks, Deejay, Web-Records, Ax-Records, hhv.de, DJ Record Shop, djshop.de
UK : Juno, Chemical UK, Vinyl-distribution.co.uk
France : Nuloop, Toon'Z Shop, Brigade97Kat, My Electro Kitchen
Japan : Jet Set, Technique, Ban-Be
Belgium : N.E.W.S., K-records
Czechia : OkMarkt, djshop.cz
Austria : Bounce Records, dj-shop.at
Russia : Vinyl4u
Denmark : iMusic
Netherlands : Vinyl-distribution.nl
Switzerland : djshop.ch
Hungary : djshop.hu
Slovakia : djshop.sk

Distributed by Topplers
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8 Feb 2010

After the success of "Mostro", the French wonderboy PLAY PAUL - mainly known for his works on Kitsune, Gigolo ("Lalaland") and Craft Music - is back on Absolut Freak Records with "9AM". The EP starts with a massive remix by the German sensations DISCO TRASH MUSIC (freshly signed on the label) which will smash your head, until the break... Everybody say "yeah"! Back side, the most exciting Turkish band GOOSEFLESH is also back on Absolut Freak (after their remix of Dro & Lodzy's "Now Yet Now" on the AF13) with a powerful version in their own style. A killer! Then, the original version by Play Paul takes you to a lovely journey, with a warm melody for melancholic mornings.
You can enjoy the artwork made by the incredible Falk Klemm from the german collective The Zonders.

Feedbacks :
- RUNE RK : That 9AM track is just my thing. Brilliant
- HERNAN CATTANEO : The original is really good, full support
- MARKUS LANGE : The Disco Trash Music remix is really nice... but the original has this great athmosphere.. Love both =)
- MALENTE : Disco Trash Music remix is dope
- AJAPAI : Love 9AM, heavyyyyy yoooo mate
- DALCAN : Very cool track, and excellent peak time remixes!!!
- TIM HEALEY : I like the Disco Trash Music remix!
- MIKE MONDAY : Lovely warm and melodic electronic house. Yummy for my tummy
- FREEFORM FIVE (Anu Pillai) : Definitely useful
- SHIT ROBOT (DFA) : Mmmmm... Lovely
- RITON : Pretty cool
- JOJO DE FREQ (Bugged Out) : A beauty, love the slowbuild, great intricate sounds, and it sits nice in my sets!
- TOUCHÉ (Southern Fried) : I like this. Wicked layers. Good stuff...
- KOMA & BONES (Chris Kirkbride) : Liking this a lot
- FRANK MULLER (Beroshima) : Whoow.. Really like it, fat stuff
- LADY B : The original is my best, I'll play it for sure
- KEVIN GRIFFITHS (Tsuba) : Great... The original has a nice edgy yet melodic feel to it. Indeed I can imagine playing this one at 9AM
- ARVEENE & MISK (Arveene Juthan) : Sounds good, big up
- SIMON SAYS (Dialect) : Perfect morning track, will keep every body happy & smiling
- HIROKI ESASHIKA : The original is my best!! Powerful synth bass with big impact!
- ALDRIN (Zouk, Singapore) : The original is very special... Very cool build up and useful in special moments
- EMERSON TODD (Underwater) : I actually really like the original track... Very interesting and I will definitely be playin this out
- DARE2DISCO : Love this release! The original and both remixes are killers. Full support
- JOHNNY MIKES (Ninja Cowboys / Toolroom) : Yes yes yes. Brilliant track. Definitely doing some damage with this
- MAX PASK : That 9AM track is a killer. ABSOLUTELY WICKED!!!! It will be a highlight of all my sets for sure

Also supported by Cyberpunkers, Azzido Da Bass, Lee Mortimer, Dilemn...

Distributed by Topplers
Listen "9AM" in Sounds section

14 Apr 2009

"Mostro" is the project of 4 electro superstars, only for Absolut Freak Records. On "Mostro 1", the French wonderboy PLAY PAUL, mainly known for his works on Kistune, Craft Music and Gigolo ("Lalaland"), meet DANIEL DEXTER, member of the German crew Acidkids which also appeared on eminent labels such as Exploited or Television Rocks. They give a dynamic and spacey electro sound with fine synths. A must have! Back side, the club legend Boris Dlugosch and Raik Fargo from Hey Today! (Kitsune) are COME KLAR and give with "Monstro 2" an explosive tune with a freaky bassline and fluo pads on a massive compression!

Feedbacks :
- LIFELIKE : I love both sides, fantastic record!
- LADY B : Both sides are pure peak-time killer tracks!!
- JAMIE FANATIC : Peoples! LOVE the new release. The #2 version, Come Klar? Sick sick sick. Def gonna be a steady playlist track
- SAINT PAULI : Really love the Come Klar remix. Sure play
- DALCAN (Delon & Dalcan) : Excellent tracks. Another big hit from Play Paul in my bag. All my support
- HIROKI ESASHIKA : "Mostro 2" is best!! What a big track!! I will play it for a long time in the future! Great work!
- FC KAHUNA : Cool, peak-time groover
- JEAN NIPON : Very cool!
- GOOSEFLESH : Very cool tracks, we're gonna play it for sure
- MARKUS LANGE : Both tracks are nice!
- MATEO MURPHY : "Mostro 1" is very cool, will definitely play this out
- JULIO NAVAS (Amo+Navas) : Powerful, killer to burn the dancefloor!!!
- EVIL NINE : Usefull track that builds and builds. Really like it
- NO KISS WITH GLOSS : Sure I love it
- ACID JACKS : Slaming!
- PHIL BOYLE (Philth+Seki) : "Mostro 2" is getting played everywhere I go at the moment. Always a massive Play Paul fan. Full support
- HENDRIK ZOE (Interklang) : Cool tracks... I will play!

Distributed by Topplers
Listen "Mostro" in Sounds section

8 Apr 2009

BOXON vs ABSOLUT FREAK super partouz @ REX CLUB, PARIS (15 Apr 09)
with Gooseflesh, Frederic De Carvalho, Pro7, Nicolas Chenard, Racontage, DCFTD

14 Feb 2009

Check out the reviews of "Not Yet Now" and "Mostro" in the French magazine Only4DJ's, this month.

2 Feb 2009

DRO & LODZY are 2 young French boys with strong ambition, first by signing their first EP on Absolut Freak Records, then by being remixed by the most exciting producers of the moment: Dilemn and Gooseflesh. It starts with the massive remix of the Turkish superheroes GOOSEFLESH, which alternates breakbeats and trashy guitars. Back side, the electric original version of "Not Yet Now" reveals the promising talent of the two kids. At last, the French sensation DILEMN, well-known for his works on Boxon, Turbo and Boysnoize, makes it dirty & absolutly freaky!

Distributed by Topplers
Listen "Not Yet Now" in Sounds section

13 Sep 2008



8 Sep 2008

The Japanese producer HIROKI ESASHIKA is the new Absolut Freak Records signature. Immortalized by the hits "Kazane" and "Kazablanka" on Carl Cox's label Intec Records, he's back with "Eve" and "Cubik". The EP starts with a remix by NICOLAS CHENARD on which the French brings his melodic genius for a melancolic techno mastepiece. Then, the original version of "Cubik" give a more clubby and bleepy sound with a brilliant 8-bit touch. Back side, the anthem "Eve" sounds hypnotic until the massive break with synth flights. At last, the South African sensation from Lisbon PORTABLE aka BODYCODE (after his great album "Powers Of Ten") calms down with a subtle deep and percussive remix, in his own style.

Distributed by Topplers
Listen "Eve EP" in Sounds section

3 Sep 2008


14 Jul 2008

Check out the reviews of "Babydoll" in the magazines TRAX and TSUGI, this month.

26 May 2008

Absolut Freak Records is proud to present its new signature, the legendary rave veteran ADAM SKY. After his successes on Kitsune, Exploited and Crosstown Rebels, the author of the planetary hit "Killer" featuring Seal in the begining of the 90's is back with "Babydoll", a massive mutant electro track mixing acid basslines, pop melodies and trancey pads with maestria. Back side, FREDERIC DE CARVALHO meets TRISTY NESH for an exclusive shock, giving a strong electro-house remix. Then, the Swiss sensation FAN ERHALDER (author of the famous "Samantha Fox") brings his unique groovy touch in a solid dancefloor version with Sci-Fi influences.

Mastered by TPH
Distributed by Topplers
Listen "Babydoll" in Sounds section

14 May 2008

"Pixelize (Expander Remix)" is in the sampler of TRAX, the main French electro magazine, this month.

25 Mar 2008

"The canadian producer Omni is signed on Absolut Freak, and for the 10th release of this label, you'll find a superb picture disc edition of his absolutely extraordinary track "Rocking Monster". It's pure electro as Alter Ego, it's very powerful, a hit which will shake you up with no doubt..."
- Pink Cat Records

Listen "Rocking Monster" in Sounds section

14 Feb 2008

"Insane (Zoo Brazil Remix)" is in the sampler of DANCE CLUB, the main Portuguese electro magazine, with an interview of Frederic De Carvalho, this month.

14 Jan 2008

FREDERIC DE CARVALHO is back with SLAPSTICK on Absolut Freak Records. After the success of "You Can't Stay Right Here", the guys had fun on their machines with "Insane" and "Pixelize", giving a happy smashing electro shambles under helium. The French combo ELECTROLUXE FAMILY (author of the famous "Acid Attraction") offers a real dancefloor killer with an acid remix of "Insane" absolutely freaky! Then, the Swedish superstar ZOO BRAZIL (also producing now for Kylie Minogue) brings some loudness in a crispy clubby version in his own style. At last, the Portuguese minimal master EXPANDER calms down with a brilliant techno remix of "Pixelize" in a Chicago style.

Listen "Insane / Pixelize" in Sounds section

12 Nov 2007

OUT NOW : Slapstick & Frederic De Carvalho - You Can't Stay Right Here

Listen "You Can't Stay Right Here" in Sounds section

3 Sep 2007

The French techno warrior POPOF arrives on Absolut Freak Records after his great deliveries on Thomas Heckmann's AFU and Skryptöm. He confirms his electro skills with "Vabern", a deep and melodic masterpiece with a unique atmosphere. Back side, the Finnish sensation from Lisbon ZENTEX gives a rich percussive remix in his own minimal style. Then, "Black Jesus" brings some funk in a real dancefloor killer with raw bass and twirling sounds.

Listen "Vabern EP" in Sounds section

2 Jul 2007

The Croatian producer TRISTY NESH, formerly known as INAF (Monoid, Sodium...) is the new Absolut Freak signature after recent successes on Electrade, Upstruct and Steph Highland's Elektrovibes. This EP starts with the original version of "Little Hip Molecular", a great organic track with a nice melody. Then, the Russian sensation from Datapunk and Dance Electric XENIA BELIAYEVA brings a glamour dimension in a top electro remix with lustful vocals. Back side, "Phone Number" gives a pure clubby sound with solid bass and fresh vocals. Don't pass on this killer track! At last, "Fire Fox" make it freaky and noisy with a powerful sound with no concession.

Listen "Little Hip Molecular EP" in Sounds section

12 Mar 2007

After the success of "Sexy DJ" on Bodytalk with a great remix by Kiko, FREDERIC DE CARVALHO & MISS FLORA are back with new remixes of their famous track on Absolut Freak Records. First one by the Swedish phenomenon John Dahlbäck as HUGGOTRON who brings a dirty sound in a terrible freaky version. Back side, NICOLAS CHENARD gives a top remix in his own style with Sci-Fi influences. Then, "Rock Your Body To The Beat", a new original track by Carvalho & Flora, calls to dance with a pure clubby and melodic sound.

Listen "Sexy DJ (The Remixes)" in Sounds section

2 Sep 2006

After "Thriller Express" by Nicolas Chenard and the famous John Lord Fonda remix, "Freak" is the second reference from Absolut Freak Records by its founder FREDERIC DE CARVALHO. The original version is a mutant electro track mixing distortion, sizzle vocals and breakbeats. "Black Hole" calms down with deep chords on an electro loop and a disto-break final. Back side, 2 remixes of "Freak", first by the "New York rockers" NEUROTIC DRUM BAND (John Selway & Ulysses) who add a groovy dimension in a rich NY-style version, then the Belgian sensation LOULOU PLAYERS (Kolombo & Djerom) who bring it home with an essential dancefloor killer with bleeps and raw beats.

Listen "Freak" in Sounds section

8 Feb 2006

With "Thriller Express", NICOLAS CHENARD inaugurates Absolut Freak Records. The original is a huge powerful and melodic techno track. FREDERIC DE CARVALHO brings a clubby vibe in a version with vocals by Miss Flora. Back side, Citizen Records' sensation JOHN LORD FONDA gives a monster remix with no concession, in his own style.

Listen "Thriller Express" in Sounds section